MF                   :   C15H22N6O5S
MW                  :   398.44
CAS                 :   29908-03-0
Purity               :   99%
Description    :   White crystalline powder
  • Osteoarthritis. A number of double-blind studies indicate that SAM-e may help individuals with osteoarthritis. Studies show that SAM-e may reduce stiffness, pain and swelling in arthritic joints, as well as improve overall joint health. Results of some studies even go as far as to suggest that SAMe may be as effective in some instances as ibuprofen and naproxen. However, there is no evidence that SAMe will be effective in any form of arthritis other than osteoarthritis.
  • Liver Cirrhosis. Preliminary research indicates that SAM-e may also be helpful for various liver conditions including cirrhosis. In one trial, people with liver cirrhosis caused by alcoholism who took SAM-e for two years experienced a nearly 50 lower death rate and/or liver transplantation rate, compared with study participant who received a placebo. The results of this trial, however, where not statistically significant. The results of similar trials conducted using people with less severe forms of cirrhosis has yielded more promising results.
  • Fibromyalgia. Preliminary research suggests that SAM-e may assist those with fibromyalgia. In one double-blind study in which people with fibromyalgia were given supplemental SAM-e showed beneficial effects, such as a decrease in fatigue, pain sensation, and stiffness. Study participants also noted a significant improvement in mood. Notwithstanding, not all studies have reported such beneficial results.
  • Depression. SAMe may be helpful for promoting mood and emotional well-being and has been used by some people for the treatment of depression. This has resulted in a series of preliminary studies using oral and parenteral SAMe to treat depression. While the results of these studies are promising they are still inconclusive.


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