R (+) alpha Lipoic acid
R (+) alpha Lipoic acid
MF                           :   C8H14O2S2
MW                          :   206.33
CAS                         :   1200-22-2
Purity                       :   99% HPLC
Description            :   Yellow Crystalline Solid
R (+) alpha Lipoic acid provides strong biological antioxidant enhancing properties important for cellular health.
  • Biologically active form of alpha lipoic acid
  • Acts as a metabolic antioxidant
  • Critical role in regulating normal metabolism and energy production
  • Powerful scavenger of dangerous free radicals
  • Neuroprotective and regenerative
  • Immunoprotective and supportive
  • Supports the body's natural ability to reduce inflammation
  • Supports normal glucose transport


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